UGR Rating Scale (1-12)

UGR Scale: (1-12)


1.00-3.00 = Beginner

      4.00-6.00 = Intermediate

        7.00-9.00 = College Level

  10.00-12 = Pro Level

UGR helps Juniors find college teams that match their performance level.  College golf coaches use UGR to evaluate juniors in the recruiting process.  College golfers use UGR to measure their progress toward playing professional golf.  In the past, "Junior Golf Rankings", "College Golf Rankings", and "Professional Golf Rankings" have all been calculated separately, and golfers could not compare their performance with the next level.  UGR is the solution.  

UGR Scale 
1-3 = Beginner Level
4-6= Intermediate Level
6-9= College Level
10-12= Professional Level

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